While Avantus Aerospace is a recent group name change from Shimtech Group our roots go back to the early 1940’s. Three of our portfolio companies, Attewell, Lamsco West and PSG (Pillar Gasket Seals), were found in 1942, 1962 and 1963 respectively. Hampson Industries acquired Attewell and PSG in 1996 and added Bolsan in 1998. It continued its aerospace acquisition activities with Lamsco West in 2005, among others. By 2011, Hampson Industries re-branded the four businesses under the umbrella of Shimtech Industries. Shimtech Industries was sold to Bridgepoint Development Capital in 2011. Under the ownership of Bridgepoint two additional companies were added to the portfolio, PPI (Performance Plastic Inc.) in 2013 and ACTI (Angeles Technology Corporation Inc.) in 2015. By May 2015, Shimtech Industries were sold to Inflexion Private Equity and Auctus Industries, which are the current owners. FTC (Fastener Technology Corp.) was added to the group in December 2019.


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