Safety comes first for Avantus Aerospace and for all our group businesses, whether for product safety or operational safety.

In these times of Covid-19 we have adopted extensive safety protocols to help our personnel and their families to remain safe and we continue to adapt these protocols as circumstances change.  We have developed virtual tours of our facilities to help keep visits to a minumum.  if you are interested in such an online visit please contact your local host. 

We proactively monitor safety performance, using independent third-party safety specialists, so that we can efficiently identify and eliminate or mitigate risks.  We hold ourselves and each other responsible for continuously improving and maintaining safe working practices and a culture of ‘Safety First’. 

Compliance with all applicable safety legislation is a given, as are safety-focussed behaviours that reflect both the letter and spirit of our safety management systems. 

We constantly look for ways to train our workforce in safe working practices and we have invested in cross-group online safety training to deliver leading, easy to access, up to date training for all Avantus Aerospace personnel.  We are careful to extend our safety protocols to all visitors to our group premises.

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