Why Avantus Aerospace

The Avantus Aerospace portfolio includes companies with special/inherent niches in the aerospace and defence markets.  Our businesses are critical to the success of the OEMs, within Tier 3 of the aerospace supply chain.  Advantages of being part of Avantus Aerospace include:

Operational Improvements - Avantus Aerospace focusses on delivering significant added value for our customers by implementing operational improvements, including:

  • Streamlined processes, improved flow, reduced lead times and increased machine utilisation
  • Standardised and reduced administrative overhead cost of non-manufacturing functions, e.g. procurement, accounting, legal/contracts, marketing and HR

Increased Investment Opportunity - Avantus Aerospace's strong financial backing allows for investment in additional growth that takes our businesses to the next level, including:

  • New or updated equipment for increased manufacturing capability and throughput
  • Improved engineering analysis and design

Global Sales Presence - Avantus Aerospace's significant global sales and marketing force drives additional new business opportunities to our companies, including:

  • Leveraging existing customer contacts to expand the customer base of the individual businesses
  • Identifying opportunities not currently available or visible to the individual companies
  • Expanding the product base through greater, more intimate knowledge of customer requirements


We ensure that specialist online training is easily accesible to all relevant employees covering key compliance areas such as The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, The UK Bribery Act, The International Traffick in Arms Regulations, health and safety, environmental management and export compliance.

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