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Avantus, along with our subsidiary companies, are global leaders in the manufacture of C-class airframe components for the aerospace and defence industries.  One of our portfolio of companies is an Industrial Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions business. 

This means that project management is one of our areas of significant expertise, and we have in-house access to opportunities to add significant value to all of our processes and to those of our customers.  With a lean manufacturing culture, we work to maximise efficiency, and our Quality Engineering approaches mean that quality checking and assurance is built into all stages of the manufacturing process.

Some principles of project management

  1. Communication is essential. We build in detailed and thorough pre-design planning processes to ensure that all parties are clear about the project requirements.  This clarity enables us to consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
  2. Production cost management is a vital aspect of project management.  It details the entire life cycle costs of the components being manufactured, from initial material procurement through to eventual disposal or recycling. Tight control of costs at every stage of the production process ensures that budgets are respected and components are as cost-effective as possible.
  3. Risk management is essential right from the start of the project.  A Risk Response Team will enable your organisation to devise contingency plans and implement them if necessary.
  4. Creating a detailed work plan that incorporates our production planning and control principles means that all aspects of manufacturing are accounted for.
  5. Detailed records of every stage of production, including deviations from expectations, enable any future risks to be mitigated.

Avantus is your partner in project management

At Avantus, our considerable experience and our broad portfolio of companies means that we are able to bring significant expertise to bear in terms of project management.  More than mere suppliers, we are your active partners in production, adding value at every stage. 

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