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Avantus has been a world leader in the manufacture of C-class airframe components for many decades.  We have achieved this by demonstrating that we add value to our customers by being an active part of your production processes.  We know that successful stock management is key to efficient operations.

Our customers already have all the detailed knowledge of their requirements for manufacturing airframes or other elements of aerospace products. We add value to your operations by adopting a highly collaborative approach, in which we ensure that our components reach your warehouse or production lines exactly as specified and according to a schedule that minimises lost time for you and helps support your efficiency. By supporting you to ensure that your stock levels are optimal, we help you maximise productivity and achieve cost savings.

Avantus: your active partners

At Avantus, we know that if we are to maintain our position as the largest supplier of C-class components to all the leading aerospace manufacturers around the world, we need to be more than mere suppliers.  From the start of the process, where customers consult with us about their requirements, we help with key decisions about materials to be used and all the different production options.  We also ensure that right from the start of the project, we have the end point in mind: when the components are delivered to you, and whether they are coming to your warehouse or to your production line on a “just in time” basis.  This helps ensure that in addition to delivering high standard components that are of a consistently reliable quality, we are your partners in responding flexibly to precisely when you need those components, meaning that your stock levels contribute to your overall production efficiency.

Quality assurance at Avantus

Our quality assurance processes start from the very earliest stages of the production process, with our engineers bringing their expertise to bear on every aspect of manufacturing your components. This means that you get your products from us with high levels of reliability, in a way that enhances your own production processes.


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