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At Avantus, our commitment to being the preferred supplier of C-class components for the aerospace industry means that our focus on our engineering processes is rigorous with a determination to drive up efficiency at every stage.

Avantus’s engineering processes

Avantus is vertically integrated and our state-of-the-art range of equipment includes all the latest technology. Our expert teams of engineers and technicians are highly trained and use conventional as well as CNC technology, including turning and routing, milling, water jet cutting, water jet with tilting head capability, photo chemical etching, sheet metal bending, blanking and forming and click bond capability, as well as advanced inspection processes.  We also have significant CAD and CADCAM equipment, meaning we are able to produce components with complex etched or detailed parts. We have the capacity to produce items in bulk for regular production, as well as bespoke, individually designed components for one-off projects or for prototypes.

Quality assurance

Using a Quality Engineering approach at every stage of our manufacturing processes, we ensure that efficiency is maximised with wasteful practices driven out.  This is then enhanced by our industry-leading inspection equipment, which means that we can quickly and effectively inspect our manufactured components before they leave our premises for delivery to our customers.  We have the capacity to compare all finished products to 3D digital models, using equipment that provides a laser probe accuracy of 0.00254mm or 0.0001”.  Our commitment to the highest quality engineering means that our customers benefit from high levels of reliability in their components, which minimises production line stoppages and associated costs.

Avantus’ engineering experience

Our significant experience in the engineering business means that we are well-placed to understand exactly how to meet our customers’ needs.  With accreditation from industry bodies including Quality Engineering (FAI, FMEA, SPC, Control Plan, Certified Operators Program and Supplier Quality Engineering), we bring all our engineering experience to the benefit of our customers.

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