3D Laser Scanning

At Avantus, we alongside our family of organisations are able to offer the full spectrum of aerospace manufacturing services, including state of the art 3D laser scanning services.

We employ Advanced Quality Systems (AQS) to enable us to continually improve our processes throughout the product design and production lifecycle. Via AQS, we can ensure that decisions about manufacturing processes are made based on data, helping us to build upon previous experience to drive our culture of continuous improvement. 3D laser scanning helps us to gather that data.

3D laser scanning 

3D inspection allows us to analyse aerospace parts of varying sizes, providing precise data on even the most complex surfaces and angles, in far less time that could be achieved manually. The process can be utilised through every stage of the aircraft manufacturing process. From design and prototyping through and the manufacturing of composite parts and assemblies, all the way through to the production line and beyond, 3D scanning helps engineers to identify and overcome issues in component parts as well as complete aircrafts.


At Avantus, we continually strive to streamline processes, so that clients see time and cost savings alongside outstanding quality and precision. On the production line, 3D laser scanning can be applied in virtual assemblies to help determine the interaction of different components and the accuracy of individual parts, allowing for spatial issues to be identified at the earliest possible stage.

Repair and maintenance

One common application of 3D laser scanning is in the repair and maintenance of aircrafts, both in production and in the field. Scanning allows component parts to be accurately assessed, analysing wear and tear and providing precise specifications of components that may need to be repaired or replaced. This rapid assessment not only saves time in identifying potential problems, but by providing the measurements, it expedites the repair or replacement process as the data allows parts that need to be replaced to be replicated via CAD.

At Avantus we are committed to excellence at every stage of production; we work closely with clients to ensure that their expectations are met and, where possible, exceeded.

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