4-Axis Machining

At Avantus we and our family of companies are proud to be global leaders in the manufacture of C-class components, composite parts and assemblies.

In order to maintain our high standards and the levels of precision and innovation for which we are renowned, it is important that we stay abreast of technological advances and invest in machinery that will help us to produce parts designed to withstand the extreme environments typical of the aerospace and defence industries.

CNC (computer numeric controlled) machines allow technicians to input precise data into a computer, which then gives a machine specific instructions. Although the process of setting up CNC machining can be more time consuming than conventional (technician controlled) machining, CNC allows for highly accurate, high volume repeatability.  Most parts can be machined using 3-axis CNC machines, but if more detail or complex shapes are required, then 4 or 5-axis machines offer greater capacity for detail.

4-axis CNC machining

A 3-axis CNC mill works on the X- axis, which moves left to right, the Yaxis, which moves from front to back, and the Z-axis, which moves up and down, working on a static product. A  4-axis CNC machine works in much the same way but with an additional axis; the A-axis. The A-axis spins the product that is being machined, allowing for all four sides to be worked on with precision.

A tailored service

At Avantus we believe in excellence and precision for each order. We don’t apply the same methodology to every order as standard; our skilled technicians will consider what best meets our clients’ needs and advise them accordingly. This could mean using 4 or even 5-axis CNC machining to offer high degrees of detail or it could mean advising conventional machining for the creation of small runs or prototypes. We work closely with each customer to ensure that we provide a service tailored to meet their needs.

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