Aluminium Heat Treatment

In the manufacture of components for the aerospace industry, it is essential that the properties of the material utilised is a match for the environments in which they will be required to function. At Avantus, we offer a heat treatment service for a range of aluminium alloys. 

These highly specialised processes, carried out in-house by our expert engineers, result in aluminium alloys that deliver optimal performance in a range of challenging environments. This includes additional strength, resistance to corrosion and ease of machining and forming. Our engineers are work extremely closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements.  This is essential in the area of heat treating aluminium as some heat treatments may add strength to the detriment of resistance to corrosion and vice versa.  For this reason, it is important to understand the precise nature of the environmental stressors to which the finished components will be subjected. Our detailed pre-production design consultation processes mean that we are able to establish the exact requirements for every component and can plan the correct material and treatments right from the start.

Avantus’ quality engineering approach

At Avantus, we ensure that quality is at the heart of all our processes.  Our lean manufacturing culture and practices mean that we are constantly reviewing our work to see if we can further refine what we do in order to achieve improved productivity and efficiency, bringing the benefits of reduced production costs to our customers. Our quality engineering approach means that we are continually checking our products throughout the production process to ensure that they match our customers’ specifications. Finally, before our components leave our premises, they are all subject to rigorous inspection processes using our state-of-the-art equipment.  This means we can compare the finished product with a 3D image of the original design and ensure that there is a perfect match.

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