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At Avantus, we have developed our expertise in manufacturing over many decades.  As the largest global supplier of low-cost, high-specification parts to the aerospace and defence industries, we take our responsibility to produce premium quality parts extremely seriously.


Burrs are an unwanted side-effect of many conventional manufacturing processes including drilling, punching and turning.  They can negatively and seriously impact aircraft safety, by interfering with tolerances and causing misalignments.  Burrs can also block drilled or punched holes and prevent the free flow of air, fluids or lubricants. This can have serious consequences if not dealt with in a preventative fashion.

Deburring is an important part of the manufacturing finishing process. Automated deburring has many advantages over manual deburring, which can be time-consuming and can lead to inconsistencies even with experienced operators. Barrel-tumbling, one of the options that we offer at Avantus, is an ideal solution when needing to deburr and finish very tough, metal components. Barrel-tumbling will remove all burrs, including secondary burrs and burrs that can adhere to leading and trailing edge plates. Rotary deburring is the preferred solution for components with more complex geometries, and consequently we offer an automated rotary deburring system to ensure that our customers all receive their components finished to exceptionally high standards.  Both options for automated deburring are available for our clients and our experienced teams of engineers are available to advise on which would be the most appropriate for your particular components.

Quality assurance at Avantus

Our commitment to our customers means that we continually review our processes to ensure that our productivity and levels of efficiency are optimal. Using a lean manufacturing approach, we constantly seek to innovate in order to ensure that we remain at the forefront of all manufacturing processes.  Our in-house inspection equipment means that we can closely examine our components before they leave us, to ensure that all potential issues such as burrs have been resolved before they are sent to our customers.

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