In order to provide the levels of detail and precision required by the aerospace and defence industries, at Avantus, we and our family of companies offer a full range of services, including metal boring. 

Boring services

Innovation and quality are central to our ethos at Avantus, and we continually strive to improve processes so that we may deliver the highest quality services and quality products to customers. Our manufacturing capabilities extend to a host of component parts, assemblies, sheet metal details, shims, fasteners and laminated shims and in order to fulfil the largescale needs of our clients across the globe, we continue to invest in the latest technologies and resources, which enable us to offer a range of boring services. We are able to bore blind and thru holes of various sizes in a range of metals and non-metals including beryllium copper, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, Teflon and ceramic.

Comprehensive customer support

At Avantus, our teams’ experience in project management is unrivalled. We are on hand to consult with our customers, supporting them with every element of project management and production lifecycle, regardless of the size of the project. From cost management to stock management, our help to support the overall sustainability of customers’ organisational activities.

Lean management

As a holding company with a family of exceptional organisations, at Avantus we are equally able to operate on small and large scales. We operate a lean management process, which facilitates efficiency and best practice at every stage of the production cycle. Lean manufacturing not only drives production and reduces waste, it allows us to offer streamlined process, thereby improving value for our customers. In addition, our lean manufacturing philosophy means that we are able to be responsive and agile, accommodating clients’ needs and delivering precision made components to the warehouse or production line, on time.

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