CNC Milling

At Avantus, our advanced processes mean that we invest in the latest technology for our manufacturing systems.  Computer Numerical Control Milling (CNC Milling) involves using multi-point cutting tools to produce components to precise requirements no matter how complex.

We have invested in both 3-axis and 5-axis capability.  This means that our 3-axis machines, with their ability to move three different axes simultaneously, can be used to produce the majority of aircraft components, and the more challenging pieces can be produced by our 5-axis machine. With vertically integrated systems, we ensure that our engineers are able to utilise CADCAM software to fully integrate all designs with the CNC milling machinery.

Avantus’ global position

With sister companies with manufacturing facilities in the Europe and the USA, at Avantus we are rightly proud of our position of being global leaders of all low-cost, high-specification aircraft components. We maintain this by being highly responsive to our customers’ needs and by delivering a value-added service. With significant CNC milling capability, our experienced engineers ensure they work closely with our customers to support with the design and manufacture of the airframe components that you need.  Our lean manufacturing approach means that we are constantly working to improve efficiency and use our top-of-the-range CNC equipment to produce the components to our customers’ precise needs.  This enables our customers to have confidence in us to deliver their CNC milled products to their warehouse or their production line in a timely fashion.  The accuracy of manufacture, with minimal variations, means that they avoid unnecessary stoppages and delays.

Quality assurance at Avantus

We work hard at Avantus to ensure that our customers’ components leave our premises exactly as specified.  We have rigorous inspection processes that enable us to compare finished products to 3D design images.  This, when combined with our CNC technology, results in our high quality, accurate and repeatable components.

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