CNC Press Brake

As part of our investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, we have CNC (Computer Numerical Control) press braking to offer among our other services. 

The CNC press braking machines can be precisely programmed to bend and form materials to predetermined shapes.  We have the capacity to shape material up to a maximum of 2m.  The machinery can easily accommodate a wide range of differently shaped dies, ensuring that all designs can be catered for. The computerised technology means that specific designs are replicated with high levels of accuracy no matter what the production scale.  Our CNC equipment incorporates the latest developments including multi-axis computer controlled back gauges, which operate in real-time, taking information about the process and making precise adjustments as required to guarantee the precision and repeatability of the manufactured part. This means that our customers receive products into their warehouses or onto their production lines made exactly to their precise specifications with no deviations, fitting seamlessly into their airframe assemblies.

Avantus: a global leader in airframe component production

Along with our sister companies based in UK, Mainland Europe and the USA, we have been in the business of manufacturing C-class components for the aerospace industry for decades.  Globally positioned, with excellent infrastructure and capability, we also have teams of experienced engineers and technicians who are highly trained to use our CNC and conventional equipment to produce the components that you need, exactly as you design them. We have the expertise and the capacity to produce large-scale, highly repeatable components for use in standard airframes. We also have the flexible, customer focused approach that allows us to liaise with our clients to collaborate on manufacturing small-scale part for bespoke, individual projects or prototypes.  This means that no matter what the scale of your project, Avantus is perfectly placed to be your partner in production.

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