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At Avantus, we have a commitment to investing in an extensive range of equipment in order to manufacture all the C-class airframe components that our customers need, to their precise specifications. 

CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) punch press machines are part of our extensive range of state-of-the-art machinery. CNC punch presses have the capacity to produce large-scale runs of precisely embossed or punched components to meet our customers’ production needs.  Using CAD/CAM software design, our highly experienced engineers are able to implement your designs with a high degree of repeatability. This helps reduce unnecessary production line stoppages and additional labour costs for our customers. CNC punch presses are an important part of our manufacturing capability, meaning that we are able to manufacture parts in a highly precise manner in cases where other cutting processes, for example waterjet, are impractical. The machines in our range allow our capacity to work with a bed size of up to 48” x 48” (1.2m x 1.2m).

Avantus’ team

With a combined experience of decades working in the business of manufacturing low-cost, high specification components for the aerospace industry, our engineers are available at all times to advise and support with the design of every aspect of your components.  Once the designs are agreed following our detailed pre-production protocols, our skilled technicians use their expertise to set up and operate the CNC punch press machines such that they achieve speed, efficiency, and accuracy of production.  We know that our customers require the optimal combination of reliability, repeatability, quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness.  For these reasons, we are constantly investing in our range of equipment, our computer software packages, and in ensuring that our engineers and technicians are highly trained. These factors, combined with our relentless approach to quality assurance at every stage of the production process, allow us to retain our leading position globally in manufacturing C-class airframe components.

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