CNC Water Jet

At Avantus, our extensive range of equipment means that we are able to use pure waterjet technology for softer materials and abrasive waterjet technology for harder materials such as different grades of steel.

CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) waterjet technology means that high levels of precision in cutting are enabled, without having an effect on the structure of the remaining material.  The process does not use heat and as a result there is no Heat Affected Zone. This ensures the maintenance of the structural integrity of the components. Adding CNC software to waterjet capability has multiple advantages over using conventional waterjet equipment. It means high levels of precision for manufacturing complex parts such as honeycomb sheet metal details. It also means that, as a result of the automated nature of the process, we achieve high levels of repeatability.  Labour costs are reduced as the processes can be set to run continuously, with no concerns about operator fatigue. Our CNC waterjets can be used with the full range of materials including brass, copper, aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, plastics and polyimides.  This allows us to accommodate production in the most appropriate material the components that you need.

Avantus’ quality culture

At Avantus, all our staff are highly trained in lean management approaches as well as in manufacturing specialisms.  Our expert engineers are empowered to constantly evaluate the processes involved in producing components throughout the production path from design to delivery.  Our commitment to achieving the highest standards in everything we do is reflected in our investment in top-of-the-range equipment, including our suite of CNC technology. As in all aspects of our work, this is with the ultimate aim of producing high quality, cost-effective components for our customers. Get in touch to see how our expert teams can work alongside you to support your aerospace production needs.

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