Grit Blasting

With a strong presence in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA, Avantus are the global leaders in the manufacture and supply of C-class components to the aerospace and defence industries.

Grit blasting, often known as sand blasting, is used throughout manufacturing for a range of purposes. Highly pressurised abrasive particles are fired at the surface of a material or a manufactured component. This process can be used to add texture to surfaces in order to facilitate the adhesion of coatings such as in the galvanising process. It can also be used for smoothing and cleaning surfaces by removing particles. 

Additionally, the impact of the high-pressured grit on the surface has the effect of compressing the material, which can aid in the reduction of stress corrosion cracking in a range of alloys. Grit blasting is just one example of the wide range of services available to our customers as part of our commitment to innovation and our investment in an extensive range of technologies and equipment. We have a team of experienced engineers who are happy to discuss with our customers whether the use of grit blasting could enhance your product or your manufacturing process. 

Avantus’ expertise

Avantus, along with our sister companies, has been building expertise in the aerospace industry over the course of many decades.  Constantly evolving and innovating, our clients include the largest aircraft manufacturers worldwide, whose high expectations we strive to meet and exceed. More than mere suppliers, we aim to add value to our customers’ processes by contributing our expertise to help improve your production processes, as well as by reliably delivering your components to your warehouse or production line on time.  We work alongside our customers to reduce costs and wastage and to maximise efficiency and productivity. We ensure all our services, including grit blasting, are a positive addition to your processes.

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