Laser Marking

At Avantus Aerospace, we are proud to be able to offer our clients a full complement of state-of-the-art production processes, such as laser marking, which allows us to precision-craft composite and C-class components designed to meet stringent industry demands.

The aerospace and military industries demand quality and precision; failure to meet the stringent demands of the industry may lead to failure to withstand high-stress situations such as extreme temperatures, high levels of vibration and exposure to corrosive substances, the consequences of which could be catastrophic.

Leading technology

At Avantus, we and our sibling organisations continue to strive for excellence and, as such, make significant investments in innovation, technology and skills that will allow us to offer clients an industry-leading service. By offering a range of manufacturing processes, such as laser marking, our teams of engineers and technicians can choose from a range of techniques, without the need to compromise on quality, value or lead times.

Laser marking is widely used in the aerospace manufacturing process and allows us to clearly mark a range of materials in a manner that is legible to both humans and machinery. Laser marking offers a quick and simple way of marking components to help them to be easily identifiable; a critical feature which allows for precision and speed on the assembly line, and easy identification of components for maintenance and repair.

Advanced safety protocols

Safety and accuracy are key in the aviation construction industry. Marking helps to improve safety by removing the risk of components that look similar but which have different properties from being mixed up on the production line or the field. While stamping is another effective way of marking components, it is not as efficient as laser marking and can cause secondary damage therefore, laser marking is increasingly becoming the preferred method of marking aerospace component parts.

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