At Avantus we, alongside our group organisations, have access to a full suite of machinery, which enables us to fulfil our clients’ needs, regardless of complexity.

Quality and customer service are at the centre of our ethos and we continue to invest in our people, technology and capability. It is this commitment to excellence that enables us to provide our customers with an unrivalled service and outstanding quality.

Lathe turning services

At Avantus, we offer a complete CNC lathe turning solution. Our constant pursuit of innovation means that our facilities boast a full range of CNC capabilities including CNC 3, 4 and 5-axis equipment, which allow us to offer single-source machining processes designed to meet the needs of the aerospace and defence industries. In CNC turning, the cutting tool – the lathe- remains stationary, and the piece being worked on is rotated against the lathe to achieve the desired shape. The use of multiple axes allows multiple lathes to be used simultaneously, offering high levels of detail and precision. While CNC lathe turning is incredibly precise and highly repeatable, manual – engineer operated- lathe turning may be more appropriate for small runs or the production of single prototypes. However, as manual turning is more prone to operator error and fatigue, CNC turning is preferable in situations where high volume or high precision are essential.

An agile service

At Avantus, our skilled technicians are able to act agilely, adjusting or reprogramming the CNC machine in response to component analysis or to make different parts; this reactivity leads to a reduction in labour time which, over an extended period of time, leads to significant reduction in manufacturing costs. These savings are passed on to the client, who benefits from precision manufactured C-class components and composite parts, delivered on time to their warehouse or production line, without compromising on quality.

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