Metal Cutting

As leaders in the production of composite and C-class components for the aerospace and defence industries, at Avantus we have access to a broad range of technologies and techniques.

Different metal cutting processes impact the base material in different ways. By being able to offer our clients a choice of metal cutting techniques, we can ensure that we are able to meet all of their needs in terms of quality, strength, durability and precision.

A range of metal cutting capabilities

Referring to a range of techniques including piercing, drilling, stamping, turning and milling, metal cutting is central to the manufacturing process. At Avantus, we and our sibling organisations continually strive for industry excellence and as such we have access to a broad selection of equipment, which enables us to select manufacturing processes that best meet our clients’ needs.

Our metal cutting capabilities include, but are not limited to, conventional and CNC turning, milling, routing and punch pressing with both 3 and 5-axis machines, as well as water jet and EDM metal cutting machinery which has the advantage of not producing a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).

A tailored service

At Avantus we work closely with clients across the globe. From global leaders in the aerospace and defence industries to smaller aerospace organisations, our skilled teams of engineers and technicians apply the same levels of care and quality to every order.

Our technicians take the time to speak to clients about their metal cutting needs, before helping them to determine the most appropriate metal for their purposes and finalise design specifications; these may be based on products in our existing portfolio, may include alterations to existing products, or may include new designs which will be transposed exactly into our machinery and produced with precision. Every order, regardless of size, from regular mass productions to one-off prototypes is manufactured with the same care and precision and delivered to the client’s warehouse, workshop or production line on time, without compromising on quality or value.

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