Metal Drilling

At Avantus, we have access to a full range of technology, which allows us to offer clients in the aerospace industry a host of services, such as metal drilling.

Metal drilling is an important part of the component manufacturing process, as it allows component parts to be affixed to other brackets, panels and parts. As such, metal drilling must be executed with certain levels of precision; failure to drill metal components or panels in precisely the right place, and to the right size, could lead to potentially catastrophic weaknesses in aircraft structure or engine function.

A range of capabilities

Alongside our partner organisations in the UK, US, Europe and Mexico, we are proud to fulfil the composite and C-class component needs of global leaders. In order to maintain the high standards for which we are  known, we continually invest in our people as well as our facilities and technology. Our skilled technicians have access to a range of traditional and innovative machines, from CNC punch presses, waterjets and mills to electrical discharge machining and precision lasers, which allow them undertake metal drilling of parts of all shapes and sizes, with precision, and in bulk where necessary.

Every element of the metal drilling production process can be undertaken by our team, from ensuring the correct specifications to production, finish and coating. What’s more, our stringent in house quality assurance processes mean that products are checked throughout the manufacturing process, enabling us to highlight potential issues quickly, thereby reducing stoppage time and wastage and – ultimately, costs and lead times.

Cutting edge technology

From CNC drilling to EDM and waterjet drilling, our processes can be selected for their merits and the benefits to the client in terms of function, cost, lead time and accuracy. In cases were limited or no Heat Affected Zones are required, EDM, waterjet or laser drilling may be the best option; for mass produced products, CNC drilling may be considered the most appropriate manufacturing process. Whatever our clients’ metal drilling needs, at Avantus, we will do our best to meet them and produce component parts which meet industry standards.

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