Metal Etching

At Avantus, we are always available to consult with our customers on projects such as this; equally, we are able to use metal etching to enable our customers to achieve savings on large orders.

Metal etching services

Metal etching, also known as photo chemical etching, involves applying a combination of photoresist materials and etchants to a metal.  This enables us to manufacture metal components with complex designs, where other manufacturing techniques are not appropriate.  Crucially, in metal etching, there is no contact between the metal and a cutting tool, meaning that there is no wear and tear on the manufacturing equipment, as there is in conventional techniques such as milling or turning.  Metal etching does not result in burr or swarf on the end product, reducing the need for subsequent manufacturing processes to remove these.

Metal etching is particularly appropriate for small, bespoke orders or for developing prototypes, as it is an inexpensive option.  We work with a wide range of materials that are suitable for metal etching, including stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and a range of alloys.  Our experienced engineers are always on hand to discuss your specific requirements, the most appropriate materials and the best manufacturing processes to achieve these.

Avantus’ quality processes

Quality assurance is central to the manufacturing and engineering culture at Avantus. We constantly invest in the most up-to-date equipment in order to enable innovation.  Our engineers and technicians are trained in lean manufacturing approaches and are empowered to constantly evaluate the production process with a view to achieving improvements and driving up productivity whilst maintaining quality. Driving down waste and cutting lead times, we constantly strive to pass on these benefits to our customers in terms of cost-effectiveness.  In this way, we have achieved a reputation for consistently meeting and regularly exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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