Metal Forming

As leading producers of precision engineered composite assemblies and components, we and our group companies possess comprehensive sheet metal forming capabilities.

Alongside our group companies, at Avantus we work with global airframe design and manufacture leaders, applying decades of skills and experience to provide clients with component parts and assemblies designed to meet their specific requirements while adhering to industry standards.

Sheet metal forming

Many component parts in the aerospace and defence industries are made from sheet metal, which can be shaped and formed using a range of production methods to create the final product. At Avantus, we use a range of sheet metals including aluminium, brass, carbon steel, beryllium and titanium as well as the “super alloy”, Inconel. The cutting and forming process used for a specific product will depend on the complexity and use of the final product, the impact of the production method on the metal’s characteristics, and the degree of accuracy required. Our multi-axis CNC machining capabilities mean that we are able to achieve high levels of precision and repeatability, allowing us to mass produce even the most complex products to standards fitting for the aerospace and defence industries.

Dedicated fast track cell

By working in partnership with our group organisations, we are able to offer a responsive, agile service that allows us to respond to customers’ needs. This includes access to a dedicated fast track cell, a separate unit which has its own dedicated team and technology, allowing them to offer low-volume productions with accelerated turnaround, without impacting on planned production.

Tailored metal forming services

Whilst every client is different, the requirement for absolute precision and high quality remains consistent. Our technicians work with each client to deliver the best product specification, material, production method and finish to meet their needs.

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