Part Making

Avantus has an established track record of delivering 10 million parts annually to our customers.  These include all the leading aircraft manufacturers across the globe.

We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers, and this is facilitated by our presence in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA. With our experience in manufacturing C-class components for the aerospace and defence industries, we are more than mere suppliers; we are active partners in our customers’ production processes.

Avantus’ state-of-the-art equipment

At Avantus, we are constantly seeking to innovate, and as a consequence we invest in the newest manufacturing technology. This, along with our lean manufacturing approach, means that we are constantly driving down lead times and reducing costs.  We have a vast range of equipment including CNC milling with 3 and 5 axis machines, and CNC turning with 3 and 5 axis machines.  The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) software means that our customers designs are highly repeatable with little if any deviation from the original designs. With our CAD and CADCAM processes, we are able to produce a wide range of components from standard 2D to more complex 3D etched or detailed parts.  No matter the complexity of the design specification, we are able to deliver on standardised bulk items as well as smaller, bespoke runs. We also have equipment for routing, water jet with tilting head capability, photo chemical etching, click bond capability, sheet metal bending, blanking and forming and advanced inspection processes.  Working closely with our customers, we understand their needs to have repeatable components delivered to their production lines in order to minimise line stoppages, lost time and increased labour costs.

Lean manufacturing processes

One of Avantus’ sister companies is an Industrial Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions business.  This means that we have access to the expertise that adds significant value to all of our processes and to those of our customers.  With a lean manufacturing culture, we work to maximise efficiency, and our Quality Engineering approaches mean that quality checking and assurance is built into all stages of the manufacturing process.



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