At Avantus, we offer a wide selection of metal polishing services to improve surface finish, reduce imperfections and reduce roughness in our components. 


Along with deburring and precision surface grinding, polishing and buffing are processes used towards the end of the manufacturing process to remove any surface imperfections.  Polishing and buffing also have the effect of improving the aesthetic appearance and finish of the components, which is important for components that will be used in areas that are visible. Polishing is a more aggressive process than buffing in that it uses a more abrasive material to finish the product. 

Our ability to offer a full range of services in-house means that we never need to outsource our polishing requirements.  This makes the production process much smoother and more streamlined, bringing down costs of the finished component and meaning that we offer highly competitive prices to our customers.

Avantus’ experience and expertise

Avantus has been a global leader in the production of C-class airframe parts for many decades.  In conjunction with our sister companies, we have extensive facilities in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA, meaning that we can operate in international jurisdictions.  Our customers include all the leading aircraft and defence manufacturers worldwide. Constantly seeking to innovate and improve, we are able to utilise our significant expertise to add value to all production processes.  Our engineers are actively involved with our customers, large and small, for consultation in how to improve productivity and reduce costs. More than merely a supplier, we are partners in our customers’ businesses, from the initial design stage right through to the moment when our components arrive at your production line.  Always at the forefront of technological improvements to the manufacturing process, we use CAD/CAM software to ensure the precise translation of your designs to the finished product and to maintain the repeatability of standards.

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