Surface Grinding

At Avantus, we understand that safety and quality are central to the aerospace industry.  For that reason, we ensure that all products are manufactured and finished to the highest standards.

Surface grinding produces a smooth surface that is free from imperfections and is used on all flat surfaces.  Avantus’ precision surface grinding is carried out to 0.0002”, or 0.00058cm on sheet sizes of 24” x 20” (60.1 cm x 50.8 cm); this includes precision grinding stainless steel. Imperfections on surfaces can lead to wasted time and additional labour costs on the production line, meaning that efficient surface grinding is a cost-effective technique for ensuring high quality surfaces.  This guarantees that perfectly tight tolerances can be achieved between parts, ensuring safety and rigidity in airframe assemblies. Avantus offers our customers a range of manufacturing and finishing services, including precision surface grinding services.  Our surface grinding services are offered for all sizes of projects, whether large, bulk orders or small-scale orders for individual projects or prototypes.  Our team is keen to collaborate with all our customers and is available to support you through all the stages of production to ensure you achieve the most cost-effective, high quality components possible.

Avantus’ quality standards

Quality, safety and customer service is at the heart of everything we do at Avantus. We continually strive to improve what we do and collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that we respond flexibly to their requirements.  We adopt a lean management approach, meaning that we are constantly reviewing our processes with a view to driving down waste and improving our efficiency and productivity. We are able to deliver bulk orders to our customers’ warehouses, or operate a “just in time” system for our customers who wish to avoid costly inventory build-ups.  Our focus on safety, quality and reliability extends to all the services we offer, including our precision surface grinding services.

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