At Avantus Aerospace, we understand our customers’ needs. We don’t just offer individual parts production; our aviation sheet metal assemblies are designed to save customers time and money
Aviation sheet metal assemblies
With access to a range of skill, technology and experience across the aeronautical industry, we continually strive to bring time and resource efficiencies, helping our customers to get the best possible service. Our skilled technicians have a deep understanding of each customer’s component and detailed part requirements, which enables them to assemble an array of component parts to meet airframe specifications, delivered direct to the client’s factory floor or assembly line.

A world-class service
At Attewell, we continually strive to exceed industry standards through our pursuit of technical excellence and innovation. Our technicians apply world class inspection techniques, including a laser scanning coordinate measuring system and a dual head torch probe allow precise inspection of components with even the most complex surfaces and angles.

Cutting edge techniques and technologies
Our skilled technicians can choose from a range of state of the art technologies to form detailed sheet metals and Six Sigma and Lean principles to optimise efficiency and realise significant time and cost savings for customers. From CNC machining to sheet metal bending, blanking and forming, after being precisely manufactured to your specifications, component parts are assembled in-house to meet industry standards.  Our technicians deploy a range of fastening and riveting techniques using products and processes designed in-house. Custom processes include clip assemblies, nut plates, click bond assemblies, and hybrid assemblies, each of which is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the customer while adhering to industry requirements.
By receiving delivery of assemblies with brackets ready to house ducts and cables, customers see a simplified production process which leads to reduced production costs.
With Avantus Aerospace’s assembly service, we strive to reduce waste, cut lead times and improve processes for clients, so that they may achieve the best results.

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