Alignment Pins

At Avantus, we are adept at producing large-scale orders of C-class components and assemblies required by the aerospace industry.

Alongside our sibling organisations, we possess a breadth and depth of experience which, combined with cutting edge technology, allows us to provide an unrivalled service to military and commercial customers across the globe.

Alignment pins

In aerospace, every component has a vital part to play and a lapse in quality or durability can have dire consequences. Alignment pins are small, low cost, high spec components that are crucial for the integrity of aircraft construction as they are used to align or position removable component parts during the production process. Avantus precision crafts a full range of alignment pins which can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs while adhering to the stringent requirements of the aerospace construction industry.

There are five broad varieties of alignment pin: L pins, T pins, clamping pins, jig pins and shoulder pins. Each of these categories can be tailored in terms of size, diameter and material and precision manufactured to ensure the accurate alignment of the relevant component parts. When used in conjunction with locking bushings, locking alignment pins can be deployed.

World class production processes

At Avantus, we are committed in promoting excellence and innovation. We continue to invest in resources, technology and staff that will enable us to provide customers across the globe with a full spectrum of C-class components and assemblies which are expertly designed and precision crafted to withstand the intense conditions of the aerospace industry.

From large scale production runs to one-off prototyping, our technicians work closely with each client to ensure that they select the product, specification, materials, production process and finish that meets their every need, including function, durability, cost and timing.

Our certified in-house quality assurance processes allow us to ensure quality at every phase of production, enabling us to identify and rectify anomalies as early as possible, thereby reducing stoppage and wastage. 

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