Turn Stud Assembly

Together with our sibling organisations, at Avantus we are proud to fulfil the composite part and C-class aircraft component needs for industry leaders across the globe.

Alongside nine aerospace and defence businesses and one industrial supply chain and logistics solutions organisation, we form Avantus Aerospace, a group of skilled experts that provide world-class services to clients from the aerospace, military and commercial industries. As such, we provide our self in precisely manufacturing parts designed to offer maximum safety while streamlining the aerospace manufacturing process.

Turn Stud Assembly

Turn stud assemblies are an example of a fastener that considerably reduces production time and margin for error by minimising the number of separate parts required on the assembly line. This not only lessens the complexity of the production process, but by minimising the risk of parts falling off during the production process, stoppage time is also significantly reduced leading, in turn, to saved labour costs.

High standards of production

At Avantus, we pride ourselves in our integrity and innovation. We continually strive for excellence and invest heavily in resources, in terms of both talent and technology. While we have a diverse range of turn stud assemblies within our portfolio, our skilled technicians are always happy to discuss modifications or alternative materials, production methods or specifications in order to meet the needs of each individual customer. All of the components in our inventory can be adjust to meet those needs, and our technicians will be happy to advise on the best course of action to ensure that parts are able to withstand the extreme environments typical of aerospace engineering.

Quality Assurance

From bulk orders to unique custom runs, we will get your precision crafted product from concept to your warehouse or production lines. With access to a range of technologies, at Avantus we adhere to strict in-house QA processes which enable us to identify and rectify potential anomalies as early as possible to reduce wastage and stoppage times.

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