With industry-leading sibling organisations located in the United States and the United Kingdom, we at Avantus offer a full spectrum of capabilities in the design and production of high quality, high strength bolts.

Bolts play a critical role in the aviation and defence industries, forming a secure connection between components that will withstand a range of extreme stressors. The engineering bolts that we produce are specially designed and produced to withstand the anticipated strains of the aviation and military industries, including extreme temperatures, exposure to chemicals and UV light, and high levels of vibration.

A range of bolts

From our state-of-the-art facilities, we at Avantus, alongside our sibling organisations, produce a range of bolts to suit our customers’ individual needs while meeting or exceeding industry standards. Our extensive portfolio includes structural and non-structural aircraft bolts, hex bolts. T-bolts and clevis bolts, each of which is precision crafted and finished to a high standard.

State of the art technology

As part of our commitment to promoting best practice in the industry, we continually invest in our capabilities, in terms of both people and technology. This allows us to call upon the most appropriate processes for each order, without compromise. Our extensive in-house capabilities include 3, 4, and 5-axis machining, a full range of hot and cold forming capabilities, finishing such as deburring, glass beading, laser marking, assemblies and kitting. From original designs to certification and despatch, by undertaking every element of production in-house we are able to deliver in terms of quality, efficiency and value, every time.

Quality assured

Quality is paramount to us at Avantus and we ensure the unrivalled quality both in terms of our own high standards as well as industry requirements via our designated in-house QA processes. The QA team analyses and assesses components at every phase of the production process, from metallurgical testing through to final product testing. This allows for early identification of anomalies, allowing us to offer clients greater savings in time and cost.

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