Avantus Aerospace manufactures precision bolts designed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and military industries.

As a leading bolts and captive screw supplier with more than four decades’ experience in the aerospace industry, Avantus Aerospace, provide hundreds of industry-leading customers with precision made bolts tailored to meet their needs.

All of the products within our portfolio – both standard products and our 35+ patented in-house designs – can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Upon consultation, Avantus Aerospace will provide you with full engineering drawings and/or data sheets which provide full details of product specifications. These can be modified to a different thread, head style, recess and conform to either metric or U.S. standard dimensions.  With access to in-house expertise, the latest technology and our own high standard quality assurance processes, high volume orders can be produced in a timely fashion without compromising on quality.

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