Close Tolerance Self Retaining

At Avantus, we manufacture structural composite components and assemblies, precision engineered to meet the rigours of the aviation industry.

Alongside our sibling organisations, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders, bringing a world-class service to clients across the globe.


Close tolerance self-retaining bolts

Our extensive catalogue of assemblies and C-class components includes a broad range of shims, gap fillers and fasteners, each of which can be produced in a range of metals, alloys and non-metals depending on the requirements of the customer and industry best practice.

Fasteners are a critical part of aerospace engineering and we offer every class of fastener required in aircraft construction, from including snap-in, ferrule and self-retaining bolts. Self-retaining bolts offer a range of benefits to both the production process and the stability of the final product, as once installed, they can’t be shaken loose as a result of stress or vibration and can only be removed for inspection or repair via the use of a specialist tool.


A tailored service

At Avantus, we work closely with clients of all sizes to deliver fasteners that meet their requirements. Our portfolio of fasteners can be adjusted in terms of materials, size, thread and head type to best meet each customer’s needs, without compromising on quality or industry specifications.

Our extensive range of state of the art technology allows our technicians to advise the most appropriate manufacturing processes for each order based on time constraints, budget and precision needs, without compromising on quality.

As a leading bolts and nuts supplier globally, we possess the capacity to service clients of all sizes around the globe, for large-scale production runs as well as smaller scale or prototype productions.


In-house quality assurance

At Avantus, quality is central to everything that we do. Our strict in-house quality assurance programme is ISO9001 accredited and enables us to identify and rectify potential issues at the earliest stage in production, thereby optimising quality with minimal impact on production time.

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