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At Avantus Aerospace we, alongside our family group members, offer a full complement of C-class component, fastener and assembly production services to aerospace and military customers around the world.

Our reputation as global leaders in the production of high-quality parts, alongside our commitment to excellent customer service, has seen us develop long-term relationships with major OEMs, Tier one suppliers and distributors around the world. As a result, we deliver more than 10 million parts annually to industry-leading clients.

A broad portfolio

Our family of organisations specialise in providing composite structures, C-class parts and assemblies as well as supply chain and logistics solutions. Together, we possess unrivalled production and product management capabilities, enabling us to meet industry standards while adapting our services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our extensive experience has seen the evolution of aerospace component parts. Structural screws and bolts are one such innovation. With higher strength and resilience than non-structural screws and bolts, structural bolts and screws are used in applications where there is a high risk of shear-off.

Structural screws and bolts are superior to non-structural or standard lag screws. However, the superior quality comes at a cost and, as such, it does not usually make sense to use structural bolts and screws instead of their standard lag or non-structural equivalent unless there is a need for the additional strength.

A tailored service

Many OEMs are limited to the products that they recommend due to finite resources and constrained production capabilities. At Avantus, however, we are able to offer customers a tailored service by calling upon the skills, experience and advanced technological capabilities contained not just within our own state of the art facilities, but our partners’. This enables us to produce bespoke products designed specifically to meet clients’ needs in terms of strength, durability, size, weight and function, while adhering to industry standards.

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