T Bolts

Avantus is proficient in the manufacture a range of Aeroquip T-bolts, designed and crafted to high standards for all US military aircraft. 

T-bolts are longer than the average bolt and are identifiable by their upper shaft, which is unthreaded. Whereas most bolts have a round head, a T-bolt has a flat, straight head, which makes the part look like the capital T, from which it derives its name.

T-bolts offer flexibility during the production process and can be adjusted by hand as well as precision adjusted using machinery. Because of its strength and versatility, the T-bolt has a range of uses in machinery manufacture.

Fulfilling a range of T-bolt requirements

Within in our state of the art facilities, we have access to a range of cutting edge technology and equipment, which allow us to offer component part production services without compromising on quality or production time. Every component part created by Avantus has been designed to withstand the rigours of the aerospace industry, from extreme temperatures, to humidity, chemical exposure and high levels of vibration.

A tailored service

There is no room for compromise in the aerospace industry. We call upon extensive experience to precision manufacture T-bolts from a range of materials, depending on the customers’ needs. Our skilled technicians work with each client to determine their needs and requirements before helping them to select the most appropriate specifications and manufacturing processes to meet their needs. Our high levels of precision apply throughout the production process; once produced, component parts are finished to a high standard and, where necessary and appropriate, can be coated in corrosion resistant layers.

Whether our clients are seeking large-scale, repeat orders, or unique custom runs, we ensure that the same attention to detail and high standards of service are applied at all times to ensure the optimal performance and safety of every component part.

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