At Avantus Aerospace, our extensive array of equipment, knowledge and skills enables us to fulfil the needs of clients across the globe.

We produce the full spectrum of C-class and composite parts required for the aerospace industry, including brackets. Brackets form a critical role in stabilising the structure of the aircraft body, as well as part of subassemblies such as screens, covers or flaps.

Cutting edge technology

Our skilled technicians use a combination of traditional and cutting edge technologies to meet the specific needs of each customer in terms of performance, precision and finish. When it comes to producing brackets, it is not just the dimensions, materials and specifications that are important; by choosing the right manufacturing process, we can prevent impacting upon the durability of a material, or compromising on precision. What’s more, our range of state of the art equipment allows us to form brackets in a host of shapes and sizes without having to compromise.

Innovation, quality and customer care are central to our operations, and we pride ourselves in staying abreast of the latest developments in technology, techniques and materials science, so that we can offer clients the most appropriate materials, products and manufacturing processes to meet there needs, be that a traditional, trusted technique or an innovative measure that we believe will add value to the customer.

Quality assured

We recognise that, regardless of the lead time or size of an order, it is critical that quality and precision are not compromised. Our experience in producing orders of all sizes, from bulk runs to one-off prototypes is coupled with our stringent in-house QA processes, which enable us to ensure that every product meets our and the industry’s high standards. Continuous testing throughout the manufacturing process helps us to identify possible anomalies as early as possible, further shortening lead times and reducing stoppage and wastage. These savings are passed on to the customer, further allowing us to offer the outstanding value for which we are renowned.  

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