As specialists in the provision of composite structures and assemblies and C-class components, Avantus Aerospace and our group companies offer a range of bushes, precision-crafted to match customers’ needs.

Metal and non-metal bushes

Bushes are a type of plain bearing which play a critical role in reducing friction and consequently preventing bearing failure. Due to their mitigation of friction, bushes aren’t just important in airplane construction, they are often used in other machinery that is subject to high friction levels, such as wind turbines. As a result, it is important that the correct material is selected to ensure optimal performance. Metallic bushes can be crafted from metals such as beryllium copper, titanium, aluminium or stainless steel, which non-metallic materials include plastic, composite and nylon.

At Avantus Aerospace, we call on a range of metallic or non-metallic materials in order to allow us to create bushes that will meet each customer’s needs in terms of final use, precision, production time and volume.

Expertise meets cutting-edge technologies

From one-off bespoke products to bulk orders, delivered to your warehouse or production line on time, we have access to the skills and equipment to meet all of our customers’ needs. With unrivalled experience in the aerospace industry, our skilled technicians will consult with you on the optimal material and designs for your purposes and environment, before choosing from a range of cutting-edge technologies to help achieve the functionality that you require.

Quality assured components delivered to your assembly line

It is not possible to compromise on quality within the aerospace industry, so quality assurance is a critical element of our manufacturing process. Our inspection capabilities, which include laser scanning coordinate measuring and dual head touch probes, allow us to check components against digital, 3D models to high accuracy levels, enabling our technicians to facilitate reliable, precision manufacturing of metal and non-metal bushes with minimal stoppages, reduced costs and streamlined production times.   To find out more about our C-class manufacturing processes and services, get in touch.


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