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As a global leader of composite and C-class parts and fasteners, Avantus and our family of organisations provide an end-to-end service to aerospace and military customers.

The Avantus group of organisations consists of manufacturers of C-class parts for aerospace and defence, suppliers of composite assemblies and components, and a logistics and supply chain business. Together, we offer a full spectrum of services to customers of all sizes across the globe.

Quarter turn fasteners

At Avantus we invest in innovation and technology to help us to deliver value and quality to customers in terms of the products that we supply and the time-saving and quality-improving impact that those products can have on their processes and products. We strive to achieve a balance between efficiency and strength, recognising that speed and accuracy are of equal priority within the aerospace industry as strength, torque and durability.

Quarter turn fasteners provide the capacity for quick installation and removal, thereby making them suitable for situations where relatively regular access is necessary. The quarter turn pin offers a secure join with one turn, not only adding convenience in the field, for maintenance and repairs, but reducing assembly time during production, which results in reduced manufacture time and installation costs.

A range of products

At Avantus, our capabilities extend beyond product manufacture. We and our partner organisations are able to facilitate every stage of the production process from design to delivery and ongoing stock control. We stock and produce a range of quarter turn fasteners as standard but, if required, possess the skills and resources to make adjustments to suit a client’s needs.

Our skilled technicians will work with each client to determine the required characteristics of each product before recommending the most suitable product, dimensions, material, production process and finish to ensure that industry standards are met and client’s needs are met or exceeded, delivering their products on time, every time.

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