At Avantus, we are world-leading in the manufacture of a wide range of C-class airframe components, including gap fillers for use in all areas of production where tight tolerances are required. Our specialist teams of technicians and engineers work to ensure that all our products are produced to high standards of quality and safety.

High standards

It is essential that our customers can rely on us to manufacture C-class airframe components to the highest standards.  We ensure that those standards are at the heart of all our processes.  Our range of industry accreditations includes ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and AS9100D, meaning that our customers can have full confidence that the components we produce for them will be reliable and high quality.  We know that anything less can result in stoppages and time wasted on the production line, or worse. For those reasons, we take our commitment to quality and repeatability extremely seriously.

Range of materials

We produce gap fillers in a range of materials to suit your every production need.  The metals that we routinely work with include aluminium, stainless steel, brass and titanium.  Our non-metal range of materials includes polyimide, mylar and composites.  Our engineering teams are used to working with all the largest aircraft manufacturers around the globe and are experts in knowing which materials work best in which airframe environments.  It is crucial for safety and efficiency that the materials used are the right match for the environment in which they will be used.  Our engineers and technicians are skilled at knowing which properties are called for in response to environmental stressors such as moisture, humidity, heat, pressure, chemicals and UV light. They can advise on which materials best combine these properties as well as being lightweight and cost-effective.

Bulk production or bespoke projects

Our global presence and high levels of expertise mean that we are able to produce gap fillers to any scale that you require: either large-scale, highly repeatable orders or bespoke products for individual projects can be catered for by our manufacturing facilities.

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