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Non Metal Gap Fillers

Low-cost, high specification parts are at the core of our business at Avantus, and we have built up both our portfolio and our expertise over decades of working in the aerospace industry. 

Gap fillers are a crucial part of airframe construction, and it is essential that precisely the right material is chosen for every location on the airframe that they are used. Non-metal gap fillers can have distinct advantages over metal gap fillers in certain circumstances.  Our team of expert engineers are constantly on-hand to give advice about which is the most appropriate material to use.

Rubber gap fillers

Rubber gap fillers have properties that enable them to absorb noise, vibration and shock, where this is important in an aircraft.  They are resistant to low temperatures and to abrasion and tearing.  They would not, however, be appropriate for use in areas where high levels of UV or ozone are present, or where rigidity is crucial. 

Plastic gap fillers

Plastic is lightweight and inexpensive compared to most metals, and plastic gap fillers are often used where thermal or electrical insulation is required. It is also resistant to moisture and humidity and so is an appropriate choice for environments in which these elements feature.

Nylon gap fillers

Nylon has valuable properties which mean that it is strong, durable and resistant to abrasion.  Nylon gap fillers also offer ease of production and so can be cost effective.

Composite gap fillers

Composite materials are frequently deployed where there is a need for a combination of material properties that are not otherwise achieved.  Composite gap fillers are able to provide electrical and thermal insulation as well as resistance to humidity and other environmental stressors.  They are not always the most inexpensive choice, but can be the most cost-effective choice for challenging environments.

Expertise at Avantus

With such a wide range of materials available, it is important for safety, efficiency and for quality assurance that the right material is used in the right environment.  Our expert teams are available to provide support and advice throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that your components are perfectly suited to your specific production requirements.

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