At Avantus Aerospace, we call upon decades of skills and experience to provide clients in the aerospace and defence industries with component parts of unrivalled quality.

Together with our nine sibling organisations, we are proud to be able to offer a full range of C-class components, designed and manufactured in our state of the art facilities in the US, the UK and Europe, and delivered to production lines and warehouses across the globe.

The extensive range of component parts and fasteners that we produce includes a full spectrum of latches and latch assemblies, available in an array of specifications and made using materials and methods designed to enable them to withstand the rigours of the aerospace industry.

The panel latches and door latches in our portfolio can be used to securely seal or close panel parts and doors, and can be manufactured in a range of sizes and from a range of materials to meet the client’s needs in terms of functionality, security, strength, weight and durability. Likewise, spring loaded latches are available in a range of sizes and materials, with clients able to choose design features such as head type; in instances where complete movement inhibition is required, pawl latch assemblies are available.

A tailored service

In addition to selecting exact specifications of latches in order to optimise their performance, at Avantus we offer a range of mechanisms for opening latches within an aircraft. Hook latches, pressure relief latches, channel latches and push button latches may be selected depending on the client’s requirements. When selecting the right latch mechanism, our skilled team of technicians will consider the weight of the door or panel, volume and nature of traffic passing through, the mechanism required in terms of sliding or swinging, as well as environmental requirements.

Once a client’s needs have been ascertained, our technicians will be able to advise them on the best latches to meet their needs precision manufactured and finished, and delivered direct to warehouse or production line.

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