Machined Non Metallic Parts

At Avantus we are proud of the skills, technology and expertise offered by us and our family of companies to aerospace industry leaders.

Between us, our family of companies specialise in providing composite structures and assemblies, C-class parts and supply chain and logistics solutions from our state-of-the-art facilities located in the UK, mainland Europe and the United States.

With centuries of combined experience, we work closely with clients to develop and strengthen the portfolio metallic and non-metallic parts, manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Cutting edge technology

We continually strive for excellence and this includes investing in the latest technology to allow us to provide an unrivalled service to our clients. Via the use of 3-and-5-axis CNC machining, CNC punch press and turning, water jet and routing, we are able to offer small and large-scale production precision-crafted metallic and non-metallic parts with tight tolerances and complex radii.

Non-metallic materials

Precision engineering isn’t reserved only for metal products. In cases where high levels of insulation are required, non-metallic machined parts may be the preferred option. Our portfolio of non-metallic parts is extensive, but includes solid, laminated and tapered shims, nut plates, bushes and wing joins precision machined in fibreglass, composite, carbon fibre, phenolic, polyimide, PTFE, mylar and G10 – the high-pressure fibreglass laminate. The exact non-metallic material recommended to you will depend on your specific requirements for both the use of the non-metallic machined parts, but also the size, speed and budget for the project.

A tailored service to meet your specifications

With access to the latest technology and an array of materials, not to mention decades of skills and experience, our engineers are able to offer each client a completely tailored service. They will use their previous knowledge and skills, combined with your requirements, to find the most effective solution to meet your needs. We don’t just pride ourselves on our skills and experience, but the high standard service for which our clients around the globe know us.

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