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With more than 75 years’ experience manufacturing quality machined products for the the aerospace industry, at Avantus we are proud of our reputation as leaders in the production of C-class components.

Alongside our eight group companies, we specialise in providing composite structures and assemblies, C-class parts, and supply chain and logistics solutions from our facilities in Mainland Europe, the UK and the US.  Each facility boasts cutting edge technology that enables us to offer a comprehensive range of machined products designed and produced to meet each client’s specific needs. From solid and laminated metal and non-metal shims to laminated and solid metal and non-metal sheet materials, from spacers and packers to complex detailed machined products and assemblies, every component is created to our high standards.

A range of materials

In an industry where performance, precision and durability are critical at Avantus we offer a range of materials, and will work with each client to advise on what will best suit their needs. We are able to produce metal or non-metal machined products designed and precision produced to meet your specifications. From aluminium and stainless steel, brass and titanium, to plastic or nylon, composite or phenolic, each machined part is produced using the metal or non-metal material that will ensure the best results for their need.

Cutting edge technology

We strive to stay ahead of industry technological developments and as such our facilities boast a range of cutting edge technology, including precision 3 and 5-axis CNC routers, conventional and CNC milling and turning, waterjets, photo chemical machining and press brake. This range of state-of-the-art machinery enables us to manufacture a full spectrum of precision products with the highest degree of accuracy. 

Whatever your requirements and specifications, we are able to meet your need for tight tolerances in all machined products, even complex parts, and our engineers will work with you to determine the best methodology to meet your requirements as well as industry standards, to produce accurate, quality products, produced in bulk or regular batches, or smaller, bespoke orders. 

Machined Products
Products in this section

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