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At Avantus Aerospace, we combine world-class expertise with cutting edge technology to offer the largest range of detailed parts to clients across commercial and military aircraft platforms.

Precision crafted detailed parts

With access to a range of state-of-the-art technology, Avantus’ skilled engineers produce machined parts precision crafted to meet the needs of the industry.

Formerly ShimTech Group, Avantus Aerospace is comprised of eight businesses, seven of which are part of the aerospace and defence industry, alongside one industrial supply chain and logistics solutions business. Based in the UK and North America, we possess unrivalled experience in the production of class-C parts.

Types of detailed parts

Detailed parts are available in a range of specifications and materials to meet the varied needs of the industry. Precision crafted machined parts such as shims, flanges, brackets and washers are crafted from non -metallic materials such as carbon fibre, fibreglass, polyimide and nylon or metallic materials such as titanium, aluminium, beryllium copper and stainless steel depending on the use, budget and manufacture process.

State of the art technology

Through expert leadership, we continually strive for excellence, developing our skills and technology to meet the stringent needs of the industry. Our machining capabilities include CNC machining, punch press, turning and waterjet, expertly controlled by experienced technicians to create parts to meet the needs of our customers in terms of scale of production, industry, time limitations and usage.

Industry leaders

As a group of businesses, we have hundreds of years of experience, with roots going back to the first half of the 21st Century, when Attewell started manufacturing parts for Spitfire during WWII. With our depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and resources, we offer an industry-leading service, helping clients to streamline processes and reduce lead times, reduce administrative overhead costs and leverage existing relationships and partnerships to provide customers with smooth, cost-efficient, industry-compliant detailed parts production.

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