Machined Products

Machined Metal Parts

Alongside our eight group companies, Avantus Aerospace calls upon leading technology to produce precision-crafted machined metal parts to meet our clients’ needs.

We are constantly striving for improvement and as such, we call upon a host of cutting-edge technology which, combined with our unrivalled expertise and 75 years of experience, marks us as leaders in the aviation production industry. We work with fellow industry leaders to design and produce existing and new machined metal parts to the exact specifications required, using a range of materials depending on the needs both in terms of performance and production cost and time.

Precision engineering

Our skilled engineers have access to CAD and CADCAM processes, which enable them to produce surface machined metal parts to each client’s specific assembly-line and manufacturing needs. With access to a range of the latest technology, each order, regardless of size, is completed to the highest standards.

Catering for your C-class component needs

Our nine organisations provide C-class components, composite structures and assembles and supply chain and logistics from facilities in the US, mainland Europe and the UK. Together, we produce a full range of machined metal parts for the aerospace industry including machined metal joggle parts, tapered, laminated and solid shims, flanges and bushings. Our engineers have unrivalled capabilities, using CNC3 and CNC 5 axis milling, CNC turning and CNC routing to precision craft machined metal parts from a range of metallics including Inconel, titanium, stainless steel, aluminium and beryllium copper.

Quality assured

All of our products are subjected to stringent quality assurance processes. In addition to ISO certification, our own in-house inspection routines allow us to make sure that every part of every size – no matter how small or large the order – consistently meets our high quality standards as well as those set by the industry. When coupled with our Lean Six Sigma processes, our waste-reduction policy and our focus on production time reduction, our clients can be sure of their machined metal parts’ outstanding quality and value.

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