Composite Parts and Assemblies

From composite and metal-bonded details to large, complex-contoured components and integrated sub-assemblies, we support both current and out-of-production programs for fixed wing, rotorcraft and space vehicles.

The breadth of our product range encompass large, fiber-reinforced structures along with sub- and high-level finished assemblies for commercial, military, regional and business aircraft programs. We also produce composite and metal-bonded spares with an ability to undertake a wide range of layup, machining, and sheet-metal forming. Our products include: 

  • Wing-to-body fairings
  • Underbelly fairings
  • Nacelle structures
  • Empennage sub-assemblies
  • Flight control structures
  • Door assemblies & access panels
  • Antenna
  • Radomes & reflectors
  • Inlet & ECS ducts
  • Skin panels
  • Interior panels
  • Clips, cleats & bracketry
  • Aircraft cabinetry & equipment
  • Electronic component enclosures

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