At Avantus Aerospace, we are proud to be known as leading manufacturers of C-class components across the United States and beyond.

Nuts for aerospace manufacture

In an industry where component parts come under immense strain, subjected to extreme heat and vibration, fasteners play a vital role to performance and safety. Nuts can be made from a range of materials, including steel or steel alloy, with the addition of a corrosion-resistant plating such as zinc or cadmium, and are used in conjunction with bolts to offer high shear and tensile strength fastening.

The nut and bolt fasten together by thread fiction, with additional strength added to the two counterparts by slight bolt expansion as well as the torque compression applied to each part. In the aerospace industry, component parts are often subjected to high levels of vibration; in these cases, locking mechanisms can be deployed – these can include the use of lock wire, thread locking fluid and lock washers.

Types of nuts

Over time, the range of nuts available for use within the aerospace industry has expanded considerably, with Avantus Aerospace and our family organisations adding to the options via the in-house creation of patented products. All nuts are designed and produced to meet different needs and endure a range of extreme conditions. These can include flaring nuts and stud nuts, self-locking nuts and retainer nuts, all of which can be adjusted to meet the client’s requirements.

Unrivalled service

At Avantus Aerospace, we are proud to offer an unrivalled service to industry leaders across the globe, from our state of the art facility in the United States, as well as our nine family organisations based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Mexico. We possess a range of accreditations including AS9100 and D/ISO9001, and undertake rigorous in-house quality assurance processes to ensure that every products meets our exacting standards.

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