Barrel Nuts

At Avantus, we manufacture the full range of composite parts and C-class components to meet the diverse needs of the aerospace industry.

Barrel nuts are ideal for use in situations where there is limited space and, therefore, it is not possible to tighten the nut with a wrench. Usually cylindrical or semi-cylindrical, barrel nuts are typically machined to produce a threaded hole perpendicular to the shank, however some barrel nuts are threaded vertically into the shank at the opposite end to the head. Once in place, the bolt can be screwed into the hole and held fast without the need of a flange, thereby reducing the overall weight of the components.

Tailored barrel nuts

With extensive experience providing composite parts and C-class components including shims, flanges, bolts and nuts for commercial and military aerospace clients, at Avantus we understand the need for precision. With a range of cutting edge technologies at their disposal, our technicians are able to advise on the most appropriate specifications, manufacturing process and finish to meet their needs.

A range of materials

We know that aerospace components have to withstand a range of extreme conditions, so in order to help our customers to select the best product for their needs, we are able to produce barrel nuts from a range of metal and non-metals crafted to meet the client’s exact specifications.

From metals such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and a range of alloys, to non-metals such as nylon and polyimides, our technicians help our clients to choose materials that possess the required qualities to withstand the rigours of specific environments. All materials have benefits and drawbacks; stainless steal may be corrosion-resistant, but it is heavy, nylon may be light, but is less strong. Our technicians understand the strengths and weaknesses of the metals and non-metals available which, coupled with their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the production and manufacturing processes, will allow them to assist the client in making the best choice.

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