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Avantus is an industry leader in the production of high quality clinch nuts and other C-class components designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of the aerospace industry.

Nuts and bolts are a fundamental part of aerospace engineering, offering a more robust, secure join than a simple screw. Nuts and bolts fuse together to hold other components in place by thread friction, bolt expansion and torque. However, in situations where high levels of vibration are the norm, such as aerospace engineering, additional measures need to be taken to ensure that the nuts and bolts don’t loosen. There are several ways of ding this; the use of locking measures such as lock wire or washers, or thread locking fluid, or by using specialised nuts, such as clinch nuts.  

Tailored clinch nut production

A clinch nut is a solid conventional nut made of steel or a steel alloy, and occasionally plated in anticorrosive substance such as zinc or cadmium, much like conventional nuts. However, unlike conventional nuts, clinch nuts have shank or pilot projecting from one end. This ridged or smooth shank can be inserted into holes in sheet metal before being crimped, spread or rolled back to clinch the nut to the main component. Thus, clinch nuts allow materials that are too thin or fragile to be extruded or tapped with multiple threads, as well as providing additional robustness against the extreme conditions of aerospace engineering.

Quality assured

At Avantus, we are leading clinch nut manufacturers. Together with our nine sibling organisations, we are pleased to provide a tailored clinch nut production service to customers of all sizes across the globe from our state-of-the-art facilities based in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA.

All of the products in our portfolio are precision manufactured and designed to meet industry standards. Our skilled technicians consult with clients to determine the most appropriate product for them in terms of design specification, materials and manufacturing process, ensuring that every client receives the outstanding quality and service for which Avantus and our family organisations are known.  

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