Crimp Lock

We at Avantus have decades of experience in manufacturing a comprehensive portfolio of parts for all the leading aerospace manufacturers world-wide.


Avantus Aerospace leads the Avantus Group, a collection of world-class providers of C-class components and assemblies committed to delivering excellence in the aerospace industry. The comprehensive portfolio of products that we are able to produce includes a large array of nuts, bolts and screws specially designed to meet the needs of the aerospace and defence industries.  Alongside our sibling organisations, we have the capacity to produce crimp lock nuts, self-locking fasteners, and sheet metal details to precise specifications.


Extensive range of manufacturing equipment

At Avantus, we benefit from an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to manufacture all the machined products that you need for your airframe requirements.  We have the most up-to-date technology, including 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers, conventional and CNC milling machinery, conventional and CNC turning machinery, waterjets, pressing equipment, photo-chemical machining capacity and many others.  We can produce all the basic components for your airframes as well as much more complex, detailed parts where required. In addition, we are committed to constantly innovating, and work closely with our customers to solve all their production and manufacturing problems.


A tailored service

At Avantus, we understand that every customer is unique, but they all share one thing: precision is paramount. We work closely with each client to determine their exact needs before recommending the best product, specifications, material and production processes to meet those needs while working within clearly defined industry parameters.


Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with our unrivalled customer service and skill means that our products are produced to the highest quality with high levels of reliability.  This means that you can have full confidence that we will be able to manufacture the crimp lock nuts that you need, when you need them.

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