Inserts and Swage Nuts

Delivering over 10 million parts, every year, to aerospace and defence customers across the world, Avantus possesses full production capacity to meet industry needs.

Comprising of C-class and composite manufacturers and a logistics and supply chain organisation, the Avantus Group is far greater than the sum of its parts. Together, we are global leaders in the design, manufacture and production of parts, as well as offering comprehensive strategic and operational support to clients.

Our fully accredited production processes benefit from nearly a century of experience, with some of our family group dating back to the early 1900s. Today, we offer a full complement of fasteners, panels and assemblies designed to withstand the extreme environments typically associated with the aerospace and military industries, including a variety of inserts and swage nuts.


Inserts allow for the provision of a secure base from which a connection can made in situations where the existing part will not offer adequate thread shear area, such as moulded plastic or honeycomb and composites, where a self-locking device isn’t appropriate. The use of a metal insert adds additional strength to a weaker non-metal or composite material whilst retaining the characteristics such as lower cost, weight or conductivity of the part.

Swage nuts

Swage nuts, or self-clinching nuts, are threaded fasteners with a slim band at the bottom, known as a clinching ring. When inserted, the clinching ring swages sheet metal, causing a slight deformation which produces a strong, permanent bond around the swage. The use of a swage nut produces a stronger bond than a traditional nut and is able to tolerate higher levels of vibration than a typical nut.

At Avantus we and our partner organisations offer a range of swage nuts and inserts as standard. What’s more, our teams are happy to discuss each client’s additional needs to ensure that we are able to exceed their expectations while meeting industry standards.

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