Retainer Nut

We at Avantus, alongside our sibling organisations across the globe, possess the experience, skills and technology to meet our global clients’ C-class component needs.

As a leading manufacturer of nuts, bolts, shims, packers and screws, we call upon decades of experience producing components for the aerospace engineering industry to enable us to deliver precision-made products tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  

Retainer nut production

Aerospace components come under immense pressure from extreme temperatures, torque and vibrations, not to mention contact with corrosive substances. Because of this intense environment, fasteners used during aircraft manufacturing must be able to withstand a huge range of conditions and, thus, need to be more robust than many other engineering components.

Avantus is a family group with nine sibling organisations and, together, provide outstanding manufacture and logistics services to clients across the globe. Among the many high quality aerospace components that we produce, we have a broad portfolio of fasteners, including retainer nuts.

Industry leading production and processes

The retainer nuts produce by Avantus and our sibling organisations are designed and manufactured using the latest technology and unrivalled skill, ensuring that they not only meet industry standards, but they meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. As part of our detailed pre-production process, data sheets are provided, from which clients can ascertain product specifications. Thread size, overall dimensions, recesses and material can be altered to accommodate the needs of each client while maintaining the retainer nuts’ suitability for the aerospace industry; our technicians work closely with each client to ensure that the right products, materials and production methods are utilised.

Our advanced design and production processes are match by in-house quality assurance; a randomised selection of products is tested for anomalies throughout the production chain to ensure timely and effective identification and rectification of potential issues with minimal impact on lead time.

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