Stud Nut

At Avantus Aerospace, we are proud to supply our global customers with a full range of composite and C-class component parts.

We stock a full spectrum of parts designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the aerospace industry, including stud nuts. Studs usually take the form of headless, externally threaded shafts; stud nuts comprise of a shaft attached to a hexagonal head. The threaded stud then fits securely into the internally threaded stud nut shaft to form a secure join.

Stud nuts can be adapted in a range of ways to meet specific needs. Athough not usually externally threaded, stud nuts can be grooved or shaped on the outside to help prevent rotation, thereby improving stability, and are available with a choice of ends to improve grip and strength of the join. As will every component part made by Avantus, our stud nuts can be adapted to fulfil requirements; clients can choose from a variety of metallic and non-metal materials, and specify size and shape of the head. If required, clients can choose a stud nut assembly with fully integrated bushing. The advantages of assemblies are various and include streamlined production and less stoppage time as the result of loose, dropped or missing parts.

A tailored service

At Avantus, we understand the demands of the aerospace industry, and know that components need to withstand extremely stressful conditions, including extreme temperatures, high vibration rates and exposure to corrosive substances. Our experienced technicians will take the time to understand each client’s needs before recommending the best product, specifications, material, manufacturing process and finish to ensure optimal safety and performance.

For bulk, repeat orders and small, prototype production runs, we apply the same levels of professionalism, service and quality assurance for every product, which is why Avantus Aerospace and our nine sibling organisations are trusted by military and commercial aerospace organisations across the globe.

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